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Oceano Scented Candle 190 g

Oceano Scented Candle 190 g

Normaalihinta €45,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €45,00 EUR
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LINARI OCEANO Tuoksukynttilä 190 g

The 190 g Scented Candle LINARI OCEANO comes with a decorated ivory-coloured French glass container. The glass is capped with a precious zebranowood lid, embossed with a silver-coloured LINARI logo, that can be used decoratively as a coaster for this and any of the other LINARI scented candles or diffusers. The patented MaxEssence® scenting system is a specially designed liquid fragrance of high performance. It achieves a high efficient cold fragrance throw as well as an surprisingly intensive hot throw. Estimated burning time up to 45 hours.


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