DFJ Collections Oy is a finnish multiproduct company with a long and strong experience in Jewellery business.

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DFJ Diamond Jewellery

With more than 26 years experience in diamond jewellery, we guarantee the best possible service and quality to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer fulfilling their expectations and dreams.

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DFJ Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery pieces with timeless elegance, sparkling shine, perfect combinations of trendy and classic - for any occasion.

DFJ Silver

Snö of Sweden

Leading swedish fashion jewellery brand.

SNÖ comes out with hundreds new styles each year. Established in 2002.

DFJ has been the sole representative for SNÖ since 2005 in Finland.

Snö of Sweden

Linari Room Fragrances

High quality room fragrances combined by pioneering manufacturing and cutting edge design result in unusually attractive products.


Featured DFJ silver earrings

Snö of Sweden earrings