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LINARI-ONDA Scented Candle VISIONE 1000

LINARI-ONDA Scented Candle VISIONE 1000

Normaalihinta €89,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €89,00 EUR
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The gorgeous design of the 1000g ONDA scented candle represents an extravagant milestone. It is characterised by its
uniqueness in the home fragrance market with the tall glass. In contrast to the highly transparent, cylindrical glass surface, there
is the deep black and abstract wave decor that organically surrounds the candle glass. The minimalist black protective lid as

well as the label with an innovative soft-touch surface and fine gloss lettering complete the avant-garde look. The use of natural-
coloured wax maximises the appearance of the puristic graphic decor. The 4 innovative and wax coated cotton wicks illuminate

the room magically. They quickly create a magnificent fragrance diffusion and a fast and even melting of the wax surface.
Burning time up to 140 hours.
Fragrance Description: Breeze and Infinity - Cool aquatic notes of melon and cucumber meet seductively vibrating fruity notes
of juicy bergamot and sun-ripened lemons from Calabria that lend the top note a sheer, endless radiant energy. The spicy-floral
heart note is comprised of soft basil in combination with Egyptian geranium and Spanish rosemary. In the fond, this lush, fresh
fragrance is rounded off with white musk, amber and mossy chords.
Essential Olfactory Components:
Top: Bergamot, Calabrian Lime, Cucumber, Melon
Heart: Geranium, Rosemary, Basil
Base: Musk, Amber, Moss
Olfactory Type: citric-aquatic
The Perfumer: Alexander Streeck


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