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Fenice Room Spray 100 ml - Linari huonetuoksu

Fenice Room Spray 100 ml - Linari huonetuoksu

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LINARI FENICE Huonetuoksu Spray 100 ml

Innocence and Sobriety - The distinctive creation of delightful lily of the valley, rose, carnation and jasmine unites with a ravishing topnote of luscious bergamot, citrusy accents, cassis, grapefruit and galbanum. The delicate scent structure is based on a sensuous accord of white musk in combination with a noble basenote of sweet santal, tonka, vanilla and cinnamon bark.

The room spray flacon is the ultimate eye-catcher, extravagantly embellished with a decorative three-dimensional structure that reflects the light in different directions like a polished diamond´s facets. The innocent spirit of LINARI-FENICE is reflected in a shiny silver glass. The exquisite and innovative velvet coated maplewood lid stands in contrast with the glossy and shiny surface of the glass bottle, and the luxurious woven black velvet label has been embossed.


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